Monday, September 6, 2010

Woo, more technical difficulties and a new video to be filmed

Well, because so many people are morons when it comes to setting up Blogspot, and Blogger accounts... I've decided to go ahead and start filming a full tutorial on how to set up an account, set up blogspot, set up your blogger profile, and set up adsense (to those interested in making money)

That and my previous video on how to get NX properly, was... em... still being processed. So I got nothing else to do basically. Also, please stop advertising your blogs in my comments, I'd appreciate it if you just leave a comment and have your blogs linked in your blogger profiles. Assuming you REALLY want me to visit your blog.


  1. Yeah indeed. The most funny thing is when people comment my tutorials saying "Thank you I used it and it really helped me!" and when I go to their blog what do I see? They haven't changed anything ==''

  2. I definitely understand why this is was posted. Props for helping out the morons. Follow?

  3. I think I followed yours already... I follow a crapload of people's blogs. They are always so interesting!