Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NetTut : Blogger, G-mail, Adsense, and YOU

This video is unlisted. And PLEASE help me out by spreading my videos.

Anyone know if their friends still want to try this out? I've made a two part tutorial on how to make a Blogspot account properly. Of course, because I've included Adsense, I suggest you stay away from people trying to purely make a profit. Those people are dangerous to you and others.

Btw, share the link to people who may be interested in making a legit blog so that they don't do it wrong. (As in the links to the videos, or the blogpost)

Special thanks to Randy of "Art of Ciler", you can visit his blog at http://artofciler.blogspot.com/

Watch it in 480p or HD!


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  4. Thanks guys for supporting my blog and all. I've actually taken the time to look at all of yours. If you could help me out, by spreading the word of my youtube videos (to help struggling people) I would GREATLY Appreciate it... mostly because traffic is really low on my blog. And ... the videos could entice more people to join in.

  5. I never thought of it that way... interesting

  6. @Fuuuuuuuu: Now that just looks like blatant spamming -____-

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