Monday, September 13, 2010

About Updates

My calculus professor gave me a bunch of assignments to do.

Been stressing over them for the past few days.

Haven't gotten to subtitle my shit yet.

I also need to finish the NX tutorial series @_@

End Log.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NetTut : Blogger, G-mail, Adsense, and YOU

This video is unlisted. And PLEASE help me out by spreading my videos.

Anyone know if their friends still want to try this out? I've made a two part tutorial on how to make a Blogspot account properly. Of course, because I've included Adsense, I suggest you stay away from people trying to purely make a profit. Those people are dangerous to you and others.

Btw, share the link to people who may be interested in making a legit blog so that they don't do it wrong. (As in the links to the videos, or the blogpost)

Special thanks to Randy of "Art of Ciler", you can visit his blog at

Watch it in 480p or HD!

I finally got a video uploaded

So here's what happened. I uploaded the video in high quality.

It never processed.

I compressed the video by 80%, and the quality is roughly 50% of the original video. I changed the codec, and the container. Congratulations! It uploaded AND Processed!

The first video on our list is the video on how to prepare to get Nexon Credit from the surveys offered on the Nexon website. Woohoo @_@

Now, for those of you interested in the video regarding making a proper blogspot and how to do it right... I need to split up the video. The video will be unlisted with no comments and no ratings until it is considered "safe" to do it. I don't want people to get reported for asking for clicks... (if they watch it)

However if you guys feel that it's safe to open up comments and ratings, I'll do that.

First video:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Video Uploading

I'll be uploading a 16 minute, 22 second video on how to properly set up a Blogger account, including Ad-sense information, captcha information, billing information, and blog link information.

I have to give thanks to Randy of Art of Ciler, for providing information on the captcha.

The videos will be uploaded overnight (because for some reason it takes a god damn long amount of time to upload)

I might split the video into two parts if it fails to upload the first time.

I'm going to take a break from filming, and figure out methods to shorten film time, and video quality because I've been recording with 1280x800 resolution and lossless codecs, so I dunno.

I'll maintain the blog, and post updates to the YouTube Videos.

Woo, more technical difficulties and a new video to be filmed

Well, because so many people are morons when it comes to setting up Blogspot, and Blogger accounts... I've decided to go ahead and start filming a full tutorial on how to set up an account, set up blogspot, set up your blogger profile, and set up adsense (to those interested in making money)

That and my previous video on how to get NX properly, was... em... still being processed. So I got nothing else to do basically. Also, please stop advertising your blogs in my comments, I'd appreciate it if you just leave a comment and have your blogs linked in your blogger profiles. Assuming you REALLY want me to visit your blog.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Technical Difficulties

YouTube is having trouble processing my video. It is over 500 MB, 10 minutes of video, and is ... not exactly HD but 1280x800 resolution format.

I expect the video to be processed by today, and I'll start transcribing captions for it by tonight. Hopefully the video will be ready by tomorrow afternoon.

I'll begin filming the next video in the series while I await processing. Since no one actually reads this blog... ehh... I don't see the point of saying this. Maybe after my first series is done, I'll get some people onto my blog, who knows.

I'll post updates when I can.

Self Following

Epic! I can follow myself :D

But I still can't follow my members D:

Anyone know how to follow the people who follow you?

Edit: First video will be uploaded in a few hours, YouTube takes forever @_@

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A new start!

I'll start making tutorial videos on what I find is necessary to explain and stuff. I'll post more detailed information on my blog, and also host some videos on Youtube. Be advised that I won't exactly be able to post many updates. At most, maybe 1-2 a month. But this is a fresh start, so you could expect a few tutorials.

I'll be posting tutorials as a series of videos though, mostly with introduction, body, and conclusion.

Expect more on this blog later, right now I'll be working on my first video on how to get free NX using the surveys on Nexon's website.