Sunday, September 5, 2010

Self Following

Epic! I can follow myself :D

But I still can't follow my members D:

Anyone know how to follow the people who follow you?

Edit: First video will be uploaded in a few hours, YouTube takes forever @_@


  1. If they have the link set up right you should just be able to click on their name > my blogs, then once you're at their blog, click follow at the very top of the page(you have to be logged in).

  2. if they have their blog's link on their url in settings, then you should be able to see their "my blogs"

  3. take your time bro, i know how frustrating it is to get things on my blog to work

  4. Haha xD yep I follow myself as well.
    I should make a tutorial like that tomorrow xD I found it really confusing aswell in the beginning. If you registred with gmail then i advice you to go under your gmail account and under account managment you can add links to your blog and stuff. Is for your own good as well if you want more followers ;)


    I really dont know if you use gmail or hotmail. Might works the same way but here I made this for you. I hope it will help you

  6. well I'm following you buddy, nice blog :]